Starting A New Semester

Spring semester brings a whole new set of challenges. Life here in the midwest means that it brings snow and ice storms along with below zero temperatures and walking across campus at 8:00 AM. Classes started less than a week ago, and it’s already overwhelming. Ever felt that way?

As I come back from Winter Break I find that my Netflix and Hulu binge watching was ruling my life. Which isn’t really a bad thing since I was on break, but breaking that habit has be beyond difficult. If I’m being completely honest my TV is currently playing in the background. And of course, I told myself I would go to every class, study before the night before a test, read all of my assignments, and go to every class. But like most of my classmates, I probably won’t keep it up all semester.

It sounds great when you start out, really it does. But then reality sets in. Why did no one prepare us for this in high school? Late nights, early mornings, running out of coffee creamer at 11:30 PM and you have a paper due at 8:00 AM and without the creamer you have no idea how you are going to complete the assignment. Yeah, it’s something I know all too well. And honestly it’s something that I can’t say will change this semester.

The problem with trying not to wait until the last minute is that we have so much we need to do. Those of us taking more than the average student in credit hours know the struggle of trying to balance between classes and study times. Or those of us crazy enough to take two classes in the English department a semester and have 11 book just for those two classes. It’s a lot of reading! So how are we also supposed to do statistics homework too?

People make the lives of college students out to be fabulous. Like it’s easy to go to class and finish up that assignment right afterwards. That we just have all this extra time and spend our nights partying and whatever. Could they be more wrong? Yes, some students act that way, but others work their way through school, care about their grades, and spend most of their time trying to finish everything up.

So, for the student that cares, gives a damn, and understands that college isn’t all shits and giggles, this blog is for you. Here you won’t find lies of smiles and laughs and ease that “come with college.” Here you will find the raw truth about the stresses and the coffee addictions and the panic attacks about whether or not you will get a B or an A. Here you will find what college is really like. And if you don’t like the fact that I’m going to tell the truth about it, you can stop reading now.

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