Stop Being Practical; Follow Your Heart

There comes a time when you have the opportunity to chase your dreams. You’re in college, studying things you love, and suddenly you are offered something that you are working for and it seems too good to be true. Suddenly here you are. You have to make a decision. Will you go for it? Or will you wait?

It’s in that exact spot that I find myself now; except I have two places I could go. See, I could put my writing career on hold and focus on ministry, or I could try and do both. Doing both seems to be working right now, and it’s great. But I know that in a year or so I’m actually going to have to choose. Do I continue to write? Or do I just try to do it when I have a chance?

I don’t do things halfway. I do them at 150% because I don’t do things that I don’t care about. And it’s in giving so much that I find myself burnt out all the time. Constantly exhausted. Constantly wondering how I’m going to make it through another day. Always reaching for that next cup of coffee. But how do you choose between the call you hear and the passion of your heart?

It is in my years at college I wish to answer that question. It is in my time in leadership positions in both areas of study (English and Religion) that I wish to figure out how on earth I can manage to keep both going. Because as I sat in the library this morning between classes, working on both at the same time, I felt happy. Genuinely truly happy. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. But it took me leaving something to be able to have the time to do it.

Here is to another cup of coffee. Here is to the late nights writing or studying. Bust most importantly, here is to following my heart. It can only take me wonderful places.

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