Our New Presidential Term

There is no doubt that the next 24 hours in the United States will be some of the hardest yet. As we watch a man who promotes rape culture, poor anger management, and knows very little about the political world take over as Commander-in-Chief. And as a college aged girl who has survived a sexual assault I have never been more scared in my life.

All I can think about is the swimmer who got away with rape. His case has been running through my mind since the moment I found out Donald Trump was going to be the next President of the United States. How many more cases are going to end that way? By giving the attacker privilege because our nations leader promotes what we are calling rape culture? Do people even understand what surviving a sexual assault is like? Because unless you have been there I don’t want to hear you say a damn word about what we go through.

What about all the things Donald has done over the course of this election season? About the reporter he mocked? About his Twitter temper tantrums? How long until he takes to Twitter about the leader of another nation? How long until we are at war because he has anger management issues? Answer me Mr. Trump! I want to know why in the hell I should feel safe after all of the shit you have done.

I sit here at my desk, door locked and blinds shut, and I think about the events that will take place tomorrow. Him swearing into office…..my safety being completely taken from me…..and people fearing for their lives. The Muslims in this country are not here for violent reasons. They are here seeking freedom from the horrors of their home. And dammit if I hear one more person call a Muslim a terrorist I am going to go through the roof.

This is the last night I will sleep soundly in my bed for a while, and even then it may not happen. For the next four years I will constantly be looking over my shoulder. For the next four years I will do everything I can to not be anywhere alone. My doors will be locked. My windows shut. I am not a victim. I am a survivor. And I will do everything in my power to make sure no other woman has to live with the fear that her attack will happen again. So, Mr. Trump, I hope you can rest easy. Rest easy knowing you have made over half of your nation feel unsafe. Rest easy knowing you are causing night mares.

Sorry, “Mr. President,” but I do not support you.

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