The Women’s March on Washington

Everyone is talking about it. I know. You are tired of reading about it. Tired of hearing women say what ever all of them are saying. But I’m not here to say that. I’m here to voice a fact. The fact that we are 97 years into Women’s Suffrage being a success and yet we are still battling the same things. We are still battling the same stereotypes and even worse, we are battling a group of people who believe that women are objects.

As I took to writing an article for my campus writing community I didn’t know what to say. I am a middle class, white, educated woman. I am not a minority in any sense other than I am a woman. I have been sexually harassed and yes, even assaulted. But in any other way, I am a person of privilege. I do not know or understand what it is like to be a minority. But I do know that my position as a while, middle class, educated woman can bring a voice to those who don’t have the same opportunities as I do if I take the time to listen to them.

The Women’ s March, contrary to what people have said, was not meant to create divisions. Instead, it was a civil action to start a conversation. President Trump has made being fearful that our rights could be taken something that doesn’t sound insane. And all we want is a conversation. All we want is to be assured that our differences in gender, race, nationality, sexuality, and class will not be reason for our rights to be stripped.

To those of you who participated in a march, thank you. I was unable to get to one as the closest to me was three hours. I live in the Midwest. It was quite foggy this morning, or I would have been there. To those who laughed at the people who marched, shame on you. And to those of you who like me wanted to participate but couldn’t use your voice. Let yourself be heard. Do not let these thing go unnoticed.

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