Winter Weather and Coffee Problems

At the heart of a winter storm you hear the community crying. You have people rushing out to prep. People over exaggerating the forecast. And then you have the people like me, who will stay locked away until it’s safe again. And not because the roads are bad, but because I tend to fall when there is snow on the ground.

The last three winters I have spent at least a month of the time in some sort of knee brace. Whether it was an immobilizer or just something for more support, I have always had an accessory. Why? Because I tend to slip and fall. And when I fall, I can’t do it gracefully. What sort of fun would that be? Oh no, when I fall I have to tear even more of the cartilage (or what little is left of it ) in my knees.

A surgery and a cortisone shot later has left me very suspicious of winter weather. Ice and snow are slippery, and that just doesn’t seem to agree with me. I have taken to isolation in hopes to keep myself safe. But what do you do in those times of isolation? Well, you sleep.

I have spent today trying to do homework. I have cleaned and done a few of my assigned readings. But every time I sit down, I almost fall asleep. Two cups of coffee and nothing. Every time I sit my eyelids get heavy, my body becomes exhausted, and I fall asleep.

So, here I find the source of my coffee problem. I hope that by drinking another cup will help me stay awake, and it doesn’t. Either there is something actually wrong with me or I have grown immune to the level of caffeine in my coffee. And if it is the latter of the two, we have a serious problem.

Keep warm my friend. And stay upright. For the winter weather will get us all if we don’t approach it right.

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