My Broken Heart

I am a descendant of an immigrant. My family roots trace back to Italy, England, Germany, and Ireland; and those are just the ones that we can trace back to. And today, being Holocaust Remembrance Day along with the signing of the Refugee Ban by President Trump, my heart is broken.

What is our purpose? I ask as both a Christian, a practicing United Methodist, and as a citizen of the United States. I am asking you this, because I want to know what the purpose of our country is. The people who started this country were immigrants. The people who started this country came here to escape persecution. Yet here the leaders of our nation are, not allowing immigrants in and persecuting those different from themselves.

My heart is truly broken. Wesley saw the world as his parish, and here I am not able to serve part of it. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves and we are not doing that. My heart is broken today. Today I have no hope in the world. Today I cry out to the leaders of my nation, begging them to change their minds.

How did this happen? How have we let this stereotype and the rich man’s fear come to this? Terror attacks in America since 9/11 have been done by legal citizens and immigrants here in the states! Not by people here illegally, or refugees from those nations.

President Trump, and members of your administration, I ask you to rethink this decision. I ask you to lift the ban, stop the wall, and to allow us as a nation help those we can. Please. I beg you. Allow our nation to help those who need our help.

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