Why We Cannot Be Silent

I come to you today, a week since I have said anything, to tell you why I will no longer be silent. Why I will no longer sit around and simply ponder the things that I have no control over. I will no longer be a by stander in our nation. And it is time that others did the same.

We are in a time of civil action. We are in a time where people are actually using their First Amendment rights of free speech. I love that we are. I hate the reason we have finally taken to it.

We are a country that needs to be open minded. Bishop Laurie Haller, Episcopal Leader of the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, stated it beautifully. “Just as Wesley claimed the wold as his parish so we should also be concerned with the people of the world.” Our boarders do not simply start and stop in certain places. But they reach all around the world. We are a nation of diversity. It’s time that we embrace it.

As I sit here on a Tuesday afternoon with feelings of helplessness, anger, and frustration I realize that I cannot be silent any longer. I realize that I must use the voice that  I have found. And in doing so I will call out our leaders nations in their wrongs. I will help to mend the stereotype that our world has developed. Though, I will allow my life to be Christ’s as well.

Another day I will go into the Jesus thing. Another day I will take my bible and figure out what Christ was telling his disciples and will figure out what he would want me to do today. But for now I think I will finish the homework on my to do list. I will take a look at my scripture for Sunday’s message. I will pray about what I need to do. I will ask what I am called to say. Another day I will fight the battle that I know needs to be fought.

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