Using My Voice

So here I sit, in the common area on campus. Sitting and thinking about how I can speak out. Senator Warren has been reprimanded for speaking out, and honestly I love what she has to say. If she ran for President in 2020 I’d vote for her in a heartbeat.

But sadly it seems as though anyone in a government position speaks out against Trump (besides Bernie cause Bernie is just awesome) they get mocked nation wide. Do you know how much courage it takes to speak out against someone in a higher position than you? Especially when it comes to an elected position? It’s not nearly as easy as me just writing an article about how enraged I am at the hypocrisy rising throughout America.

So, I sit here, wondering how to keep going. I’ve basically given the message I want to send. I am unhappy. I think America is going to be a mess in four years, well, honestly like six months. And I don’t know how I can keep fighting. You know, as a millennial who is told she can’t do anything I am really starting to feel that way. But I do know one thing: I will continue to fight.

I will continue to fight in that I will continue to use my voice. I won’t let them silence me. I will not sit back while people say what they think I want. I have a voice, and I will let it be heard. Maybe I won’t be quite as blunt, but I will continue to speak out.

I encourage you to do the same. I know, we aren’t supposed to talk about politics, but we need to. Our President seems to think that all of us want the travel ban and the boarder wall. How many of us will it take for him to realize that we aren’t happy? The only way to find out is to continue to grow.

This weekend in Des Moines, IA, there is a Teacher’s March. The goal will be to show our support of our teachers and to show our displeasure in Betsy DeVos’s confirmation as Secretary of Education. Take a stand.

Here is to figuring out how to continue to share my message. Trying to figure out how I will keep sharing my voice. Because now that I’ve started, I will not stop.

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