Today has been beautiful for a February day. Nearly 70 degrees with sunshine and the perfect time to sit outside, soak up the sun, and open a book. Too bad the book I read outside for 45 minutes today was a reading assignment and not a book I could actually enjoy.

I got back to my room tonight and sat down with a book that I could sink my teeth into. It’s called Simple Church and it’s about, you guessed it, being a simple church. One minute it’s 8:30 and the next it’s 11. I didn’t mean to shut out the world for that long, but I guess I did.

As I sat and read I couldn’t help but smile. I couldn’t help but love when the simple church example was doing with their people. It was a vision that I have for my local congregation. A vision that I pray others have as well.

I know, why am I reading this book? Because it interests me. Because in the last few years I have read more books on running a church and understanding theology than I have reading novels. And I am perfectly okay with that. Because when I do sit down with a new novel or a classic piece of literature I appreciate it that much more. Though sometimes it can be quite boring for me.

The point of this post is not to tell you to read Simple Church. Actually, the point of this post is to set the stage for an article I will write tomorrow for my writing community. Because there are so many things I want to say. So many things I want to tell people, and my mind is simply racing. The wheels are turning, and they don’t seem like they are going to stop. Honestly, as long as I end up getting at least 6 hours of sleep I don’t care how long they turn. Because it’s a beautiful thing that is born after it’s all said and done.

I apologize for the random post that doesn’t make a lot of sense. I needed to write. I needed to tell someone to live simply. To stop trying to live a complicated life in which you are booked from here to three years from now. Live life for what it is. Right here. Right now.

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