You Gave Me Hope

Okay, I have to say this. I am the LAST person to say anything nice about the Secretary of Education. Quite frankly, I think she is the most under qualified person to be in that position. But she is starting to prove me wrong.

Wednesday she fought against Jeff Sessions about rescinding the protections allowing transgender students to use the restroom of the gender in which they identify. She only backed down when Trump stepped in. While I wish she would have still fought back, I understand why she didn’t.

Trump has shown us that he will get rid of anyone who does not agree with him. She didn’t want to lose this position so soon after she BARELY won confirmation. Should she have given up, absolutely not. But I can see why she did.

Betsy, fight. Fight like a fucking woman! I want to, in four years, look back and see how wrong I was in saying that you were going to destroy our public education. I want you to get into our public schools and to figure out how to help them. I want you to be bad ass! Because today you proved to me you have the potential.

Fight like a fucking woman girl. You have given me hope.

Thank You, Betsy DeVos

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