Lenten Thoughts

This Lenten Season I intend to do something different. I don’t necessarily plan on giving something up, nor plan on picking something up. Instead, I plan on putting down the presence I seem to have of an understanding of the Christian scriptures and taking to wandering through them.

Lent is a season that has always appealed to me. The season of preparation for heartbreak as we cried for our Savior to be crucified not knowing who he was. The season of preparation as Mary finds the tomb empty. The season of Christ appear on the road to Emmaus. The season of death and new life. It’s a great season to be in.

Lent forces us to be actively thinking about rising with Christ. Not just on Easter morning, but every day of our lives. It is so easy to forget that we are to rise with Christ daily. Life is busy, complicated, challenging, and at its worst unbearable. Remembering to rise with Christ is hard.

So, I take to rising daily with Christ. I take to walking through the journey of the Lenten Season just as Christ wandered in the forest for forty days and forty nights. I want to wander and deepen my relationship with God. I want to wander and to heal the broken pieces of my relationship with God. I want to wander and find new life to rise with on Easter morning.

I challenge you to do the same. Make the conscious decision to rise daily with Christ. Add some extra prayer to your day. Maybe spend some time really taking in the scriptures. Do something that will help your wandering during these forty days and seven Sundays of Lent.

I’m excited to see where this journey will take me. Especially with Spring Break starting for me today. I’m excited to see if I can maintain my wandering and my walk even when temptation to sit down and party is ever so clear. I’m excited to strengthen my faith and my hope in Christ. And excited to let my life be taken over by His.

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