New Beginnings

To say I’ve been struggling would be an understatement. Over the last several weeks my life has turned into something I do not recognize. Rarely do I find joy. Rarely do I not cry myself to sleep. And so, I set out to figure out how to make myself happy again. And what I found was something I never believed I could do.

Being born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa my dream was always to be a Hawkeye. Though those dreams came to a screeching halt when I decided I wanted to live in the world of religion. I didn’t know of Iowa’s Religious Studies program until just a short while ago. And yet, here I find myself.

After much soul searching and prayer I decided to apply. I would see if they would accept me, and if they would I would go. Kinda like a test to see if I belong where I’m at or not. See what leaving would feel like. And I have to say that I truly did not expect what I felt.

I received my acceptance email this afternoon. It’s official. I am good enough to go to the University of Iowa. Home of the Hawkeyes. I will be a Lady Hawk come the fall of 2017. How crazy is that? The dream that had been shattered just under three years ago has suddenly been brought back to life, and it’s roaring.

My life is changing. My soul is searching. And I’m really, really happy with the where it seems to be going. I’ll be closer to home and be able to see my cousins. I’ll be able to have lunch with my grandma more regularly. But most of all I will be in a place in which I feel safe.

So, here’s to new beginnings. Because sometimes it takes a while to figure out where we belong.

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